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The package includes three spa treatments:

beautifying facial “Express Hydrating” (moisturizing treatment for dehydrated skin dry. complements the level of water in the skin, stimulates regeneration processes and strengthens the protective layer)


rejuvenating bath in milk (a bath in goat milk straight from the court of Cleopatra, which is one of the most effective, natural method of caring for a healthy and firm skin. enzymes contained in milk, moisturize the skin and gently tighten. relaxation combined with care is an excellent way to well-being)


beautifying hands classic manicure (a cosmetic procedure for women, and increasingly men), involving not only painting, but also for skin smoothing and nurturing of the nail plate. After surgery, your hands, that is our business card, they are beautiful and well maintained)


embellished bust firming treatment (surgery perfect breasts rising and strengthening the muscles of the body parts. During the procedure, working primarily in the muscles. In areas affected by scars or stretch marks can be applied ETR tiles that stimulate tissue repair. treatment ends with a stage of moisture in the form of an inlay cosmetic products in line with revitalizing CACI).


* As part of the package, each of the clients were treated digestible salad and a glass of freshly squeezed juice from the fruit.

Cena: 450 zł