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Sports massage is an excellent treatment for people who are physically active. Depending on your needs, it can be used as a “warm-up” preparation for exercise, or as a method of regenerating muscles after activity. This procedure allows one hand nicely modeled figure, on the other hand – loosen tight muscles and alleviate spasms and painful symptoms.

Czas 25 minut Cena 90 zł



Traditional massage is the most common type among a wide range of massages – a kind of “classic”. Depending on the intensity and masowanego area of ​​the body, improves blood circulation, nourishes and tones the skin tissue of the body. Classic massage will bring relief to tense muscles.

25 minut Cena: 80 zł



It is a hot stone massage deeply relaxing, revitalizing and regenerating oil-based peach. The treatment relieves muscle tension and promotes regeneration. Masseur for a classic look amazing relaxation uses warm basalt basalt stones, which results in a unique feel. Massage has a soothing effect on the senses, improves the functioning of the internal organs and eliminates stress and anxiety.

50 minut Cena: 190 zł



This treatment combines skin firming action ended electrodes balls with Hydro Mask – unique conductive currents, silicone-gel mask that has a spectacular moisturizing. After the treatment the skin is soothed, moisturized strengthened and quickly. Cocktail of active ingredients with anti-aging properties contained in Hydro Gel Mask smoothes and fills wrinkles and fine lines. It is recommended to call the Hydro-masks with non-surgical face lift surgery.

20 minut Cena: 90 zł