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 Sports MassageSports massage is an excellent treatment for people who are physically active. Depending on your needs, it can be used as a “warm-up” preparation for exercise, or as a method of regenerating muscles after activity. This procedure allows one hand nicely modeled figure, on the other hand – loosen tight muscles and alleviate spasms and painful symptoms.

Czas 25 minut Cena: 90 zł


Aromatic candle massageThis treatment is designed for those who wish to relax in luxurious surroundings, a relaxing effect subjecting an aromatic candle with the scent of Brazilian rhythm, Candy Charm of the Orient or Andalusia. Beeswax and soy oil contained in the candle restore natural protective barrier of the skin, restoring the skin of an adequate level of hydration and nutrition. This is an amazing treat for lovers of sensual experience.

Czas 50 minut Cena: 210 zł


Chinese cupping massageIt is especially recommended for people who want to have firm, elastic, smoothed and sleek silhouette. Chinese bubble is a tool used to combat cellulite and lymphatic drainage. The use of rubber bubbles improves blood circulation and helps to remove toxins from the body through intense redness of the skin. It also acts as relaxing and calming.

Czas 50 minut Cena: 160 zł



Classic massageTraditional massage is the most common type among a wide range of massages – a kind of “classic”. Depending on the intensity and masowanego area of ​​the body, improves blood circulation, nourishes and tones the skin tissue of the body. Classic massage will bring relief to tense muscles.

Czas 25 minut Cena: 80 zł


Face massage It is combining the advantages of relaxing massage with elements of lymphatic drainage. Facial massage plays an important role in anti-aging cosmetics, as done properly and regularly enhances skin elasticity, prevents wrinkles, firms, smoothes and beautifies the skin.

Czas 25 minut Cena: 95 zł



Hot chocolate massage This procedure is especially recommended for stressed and in need of a dose of optimism. A relaxing massage with dark chocolate, which is a source of energy, acts on the skin moisturizing, firming and smoothing. This massage releasing endorphins, hormones known as happiness, introduces each in an excellent mood, muscle tension leveling, raising immunity, protecting the body’s circulatory system. After treatment has the effect of light tan

Czas 50 minut Cena: 210 zł


Hot stone massage

It is a hot stone massage deeply relaxing, revitalizing and regenerating oil-based peach. The treatment relieves muscle tension and promotes regeneration. Masseur for a classic look amazing relaxation uses warm basalt basalt stones, which results in a unique feel. Massage has a soothing effect on the senses, improves the functioning of the internal organs and eliminates stress and anxiety.
Czas 50 minut Cena: 190 zł



Kashubian honey massage This is the only type of massage that pulls toxins accumulated in the body through the skin, so toxins astringent properties of honey. Kashubian honey massage is aimed at detoxifying effects, anti-inflammatory, nourishing and regenerating, as with oral treatment with honey. In addition, well relaxes tense muscles, relieves back pain and strengthens the immune system. Caution! The procedure can not be performed in people who are allergic to honey and its derivatives and luxuriantly hairy.

Czas 50 minut Cena: 210 zł


Lavender Foot MassageIt is one of the most enjoyable ways to relax. The aim of treatment is to relax, calm and relaxation. Foot massage performed by a therapist on the basis of the essential oil of lavender will make the blood begins to circulate more, improves metabolism and toxins are quickly eliminated from the body.

Czas 40 minut Cena: 95 zł



Massage the head and earsIt is an excellent form of relaxation, which has an additional healing properties. The main objective of easing tensions treatment of the body, helping to restore the balance of physical and emotional energy. This treatment has a positive effect on every system in the body.

Czas 25 minut Cena: 110 zł



Massage with hot argan oilGood massage with warm, natural argan oil. The stone, a warm table will take all the sensual journey to the land of 1001 nights. Anyone can try a gentle massage, which experienced the princess of Morocco. Smooth, velvety body and relax in an oasis of tranquility offers an unforgettable experience.

Czas 50 minut Cena: 160 zł for single
Czas 50 minut Cena: 290 zł for couples


Relaxation massageRelaxation massage is a treatment whose task is the maximum relaxation of the body, which feels massaged as a kind of pleasure. The oil-based flavors of lemongrass, orange, pine, green tea, rose and lilac therapist reduces nervous tension musculoskeletal masowanego. The ingredients contained in the oil well smooth and moisturize the skin, and in conjunction with the operation of massage and relaxing music soothe not only the body but the soul.

Czas 25 minut Cena: 85 zł


Vizier massageGreat full body relaxation massage is not only for men. Coconut oil nourishes the skin and restores the natural protective mantle of the skin. The aroma of citrus and Moroccan rhythms deeply relaxing massage to take all the land of well-being.

Czas 50 minut Cena: 160 zł for single person
Czas 50 minut Cena: 300 zł for couples