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Wellness for body and soul

If you feel tired and overworked, You are tired of your duties, You can not cope with stressYou just want to fell better

Take action before there are healthy problems. The offer HEALTHY STAY IN WIENIAWA****HOTEL & SPA is just for you!

Purification of the body 

Wieniawa****Hotel & SPA invites you spend unique healthy hollidays. They rely on the introduction of a special diet, and it is all in peacefull surranding where you will renegerate both body and soul.

Why puryfy your body?

Contamination of toxins couses headaches, muscle and join paint, overstrain. You feel sick. Purification of the body is very important for person with hypertension, atheroscerosis, with overweight, coronary artery diseases, skin problems etc.

The course of purification holiday package includes:

  • Each day we will compose a special diet meatless and sugar-free, all based on green vegetables and vegetable coctails.

  • For each person – Professional body composition analyses /it is not recommended for pregnant woman or person with a peace maker/.

  • Each day phisical activity – swimming, nordic walking, joga, gymnastics

  • 3 massages for each person – necessary body treatment

  • 2 times a week – sauna

  • change of eating habits

How to prepare for the treatment?

The body purification needs time so before coming to Wieniawa /one week before arrival/ we ask You to dring a lot of water, stop drinking coffee, alcohol.

Depuration phase:

  • bowel cleansing of toxins roughage

  • purification and regeneration of liver cells

  • purification of kindney – accelerate the excretion of toxins

Schedule residence:

First day:

12.00 Check in

13.00 Dinner acc. to diet

14.00 Meeting with a dietician, body composition analyses

16.00 Aqua aerobic

18.00 Supper

till 11.00 body treatments

Second day – sixth day

7.00 – On an empty stomach – water with lemon juice, breakfast

8.00 – 9.00 morning gymnastics

10.00 – second breakfast

11.00 – 12.00 aqua aerobic

13.00 Dinner

14.00 – 15.00 cycling, nordik walking, tennis

16.00 – tea time

17.00 – 18.00 – joga

18.00 – supper

Time for body treatments /3 masages are included/

Seventh day

7.00 On an empty stomach – water with lemon juice, breakfast

8.00 – 9.00 morning gymnastics

10.00 – second breakfast

12.00 – Check out


  • person in a double room – 1 900,00 pln

  • person in a single room – extra charge 250,00 pl

The offer is valid till 30/06/2020 r.

Booking confirmation:

  • to confirm the reservation we expect prepayment 30% of total ammont

  • 7 days befor arrival total payment expected

  • free cost anulation up to 10 days befor arrival