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The package includes:
– 6 nights in stylish rooms of the palace (7 days)
– Delicious breakfasts and delicious dinners (from dinner on arrival to breakfast on departure day)
– Golf lesson on golf simulator
– Two spa treatments,
– 4 hours a day at the indoor tennis court,
– Use of the swimming pool and sauna with aromatherapy at specific times,
– Discount on golf simulator,
– Use of the aerobics classes (including water), and Nordic walking *
– Wi-Fi,
– Parking space.

* Extra charge

The package includes two spa treatments:

Bath for woman or man:

The beer bath (this is perfect for men bathing in a real beer contains malt, barley and vitamin B, which is a perfect blend and a way to relax. Yeast contained in beer have a cleansing action on the skin, barley and malt are a good moisturizing skalnikiem. Additionally, for each bath served a pint of beer, which has enhanced activity of beer bath)


Milk bath (it’s great for women bathing in goat milk straight from the court of Cleopatra, which is one of the most effective, natural method of caring for a healthy and firm skin. Enzymes contained in milk, moisturize the skin and gently tighten. Relaxation combined with a great care way to well-being)


Sports massage (an excellent treatment for people who are physically active. Depending on your needs can be used as a “warm-up” preparation for exercise, or as a method of regenerating muscles after activity. Treatment is, on the one hand allows nicely modeled figure, on the other hand – loosen tight muscles and alleviate spasms and painful symptoms).

SGL Cena: 1930 zł
DBL Cena: 2780 zł